Diners and the Ski Association of Slovenia

Diners Club Slovenia is the sponsor of the Ski Association of Slovenia. In Slovenia, skiing is a national sport and it is opening opportunities for Diners to introduce their products and services to a broad population. Diners cards are gaining popularity and replacing cash as a payment method, which is why Diners chose to sponsor the Ski Association of Slovenia to introduce the benefits of their cards.

Slovenian national skiers spend most of their time travelling and living abroad. They often found themselves in situations where immediate and effective response is key. These athletes are therefore the most credible advocates of the practicality and benefits of Diners cards and were invited to participate in a number of our viral TV advertisements. In addition, a landing page was launched to continuously communicate all sponsorship activities, ski events and tips for recreational skiers. We also ensured optimal visibility for Diners Club at the Golden Fox competition and events in Podkorn and Planica.

Diners Club Slovenia is improving its recognition as a Slovenian sponsor of skiing.