Digital content

Can you afford to activate a sponsorship without relying on digital content? This is what’s changing the world of sports sponsorship more than anything else. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other similar tools broke down the traditional relationships between participants in the sports process. Fans now have a direct link to athletes and clubs.

The platform, provided by the Internet, is a mandatory and powerful channel that enables the sponsor to reach an increasingly broad range of target groups.

Website optimization, development of mobile applications, establishing and managing social network communities, CRM and regular analyses of all digital communication channels are the future of sports marketing.

By using social tools, viral effects can be achieved that cannot be realized through traditional advertising. It is also easier to control and manage social media investments as their costs are linked to the actual results of campaigns.

Digital communications enable sponsors to transform their sponsorship designee’s fan base or followers into a sponsor's database. Of course, a high degree of caution needs to be exercised and take care not to underestimate the target public.

Social media overtook pornography as the most visited destination online.

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