Endorsements represent a joining of two powerful brands to further improve the results.

It is crucial to find the right synergies between the sponsor’s brand and the athlete. Even if the athlete is the best in his discipline, good looking and smart that does not necessarily mean that they are the most suitable candidate for working with a specific brand, and vice versa. What usually makes an athlete interesting is a shortcoming or an outstanding personal characteristic.

Carefully chosen endorsements enable a company to enter markets and leverage events that would otherwise be closed off to the company or would require substantially larger resources to reach.

Just like anything else, endorsements are more than just about the appearance of famous and successful athletes in promotional campaigns. A company’s collaboration with an athlete must be adapted to their personal and other characteristics that must reflect the philosophy of the brand they represent. This is the only way to ensure that such a partnership will create added value for both the sponsor and the athlete.

The market value of five companies that were endorsed by Michael Jordan rose by US$ 2.9 billion on rumors that he is returning to basketball courts.

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