Other services


Event management services include everything that is required to organize an outstanding event. Events can be used to interact with a broader audience or to communicate with a limited number of business partners. In both cases, the client can focus on their desired target groups.

Our clients are guests at their own events and do not have to take care of organizational aspects of the event.


Sport events are not exclusively for sports fans. Emotions, fan atmosphere, the uncertainty of the final result and the ensuing joy of victory can be used to meet with and host your business partners or employees. The hospitality program is designed to give you an excellent overview of the event as well as sufficient privacy to give your undivided attention to your business partners.


Graphic design of your campaign is an important part of sponsorship activities. Our team of creative designers will prepare the best graphic solution for your needs. Graphic design services primarily include:

– Event logo

– Event mascot

– Complete graphic identity of the event/sports organization/athlete

– Graphic identity of the entire event

– Graphic identity for television broadcasts


In sports sponsorships, just like with any other investment, it is important that the sponsor acquires appropriate rights at the right price. Our team will ensure that your investment will provide you with the rights you deserve and need to achieve your goals.

We can advise you with detailed and concrete information and prepare you for the negotiation process before concluding an agreement. We can also represent you in the negotiation process.

Sportelement provides comprehensive sports marketing services – from video production to event management.


When producing sports videos it is important to transfer emotions to the small screen. Our production team has years of experience in producing sports content and has worked with the most important athletes from across the globe. Our creativity and innovative approaches ensure that our Customers receive a unique final product.