Sponsorship activation

Sponsorship activation should be at the center of any sponsorship project, even though it is still something that’s rarely found in Slovenia. Only the companies that invest additional resources into activities related to sponsorships will achieve their sponsorship goals.

This is the only way to ensure that the sponsor will provide additional value to sports fans. Companies must methodically invest a specific additional portion of sponsorship resources into activating the sponsorship itself.

“A sponsorship without activation is a donation!”

The key to successfully activating a sponsorship is to plan additional resources for this purpose even before the sponsorship agreement is concluded. It is an illusion to expect that merely concluding a sponsorship agreement will bring added value. Sponsorships are like any other investment – they need to be activated and managed.

In the developed world, the ratio between sponsorship funds and sponsorship activation investments is 1:2. However, the actual investment in sponsorship activation depends on the goals of the sponsor. By using creative and innovative solutions, these goals can be achieved with lower investments.

How much time and money do you invest into activating your sports investment?