As a student, Blaž organized several successful sports projects, such as International Megaroniada 002 games and all-Slovenian street-ball tournaments Mega3ce 003 and Mega3ce 005. He gathered his sports marketing experience through his student work with Elan’s marketing department, KK Union Olimpija marketing and as a marketing manager for the NLB League. He also worked with the OMD agency as a sports marketing associate.

After completing his studies at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, he started working for Bolcar Law Firm. At his graduate studies in England, he is specializing in sports law and is a member of the third generation of Top Class at CEED (Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development). In 2008 he obtained the FIBA-certified agent license (FIBA License) In addition to recreational exercise, he is a member of different international professional associations, such as SLA (Sports Lawyers Association) and IASL (International Association of Sport Law).

Blaž Bolcar

I tied Primož Kozmus' tie :)

I'd love to say that it was a sports tie. In Slovenia, we have a saying that you “tied someone's tie” if you beat them 6-0 in tennis. Sadly, it was not a sports tie. I tied his tie literally, when I was interviewing him. He did not know how to do it himself at the Playboy photo-shoot, so I climbed the winner's podium and tied the Olympic champion's tie for him.