He realized that he will never make it in professional basketball, when he met Arvidas Sabonis in the hallways of the Tivoli hall as a kid. The player, who was twice the size of Uroš at the time, actually scared the boy with his size. In elementary school he played handball with RK Trimo Trebnje but then focused on his first love, basketball, after moving to Ljubljana and deciding to put school before sports. At a high school dunking competition during his senior year, he won by dunking over a street motorbike. At the university he formed a team with his friends and played in the Third Basketball League. At the same time he began organizing first sports events – high-school 3-point tournaments, international student games and Mega3ce 3-point street-ball tournaments. For several years he accompanied the Slovenian Wheelchair Basketball team to European championships and was also the referee in this interesting discipline. He finished the last year of his economics studies in Lille, France. His major was international business culture and his graduation thesis was in the field of sports marketing. He is the first Slovenian to finish the Euroleague Basketball Masters in sports marketing and communication. He gathered his sports marketing experience at the highest level by working with Union Olimpija and in NLB League. As a student he also worked with Elan. He gained firsthand knowledge of the media world by working at the Šport TV sports channel. He is married and works on his vineyard in Dolenjska. He plays squash, visits fitness, reads books and walks his dog Alfred. He watches a lot of movies and most of the most interesting American TV shows.

Uroš Okoren
Director and partner

Pressed for time

When producing ads with athletes, you usually record to the very last minute to get all the required material you need. When we were making the advertisement with the Serbian national team for Metal Cinkara, the Serbian players had to be back in training camp for lunch, so we ran out of time to record the last shot, where you only see the player's silhouette. I took the place of Raduljica and Miloš Teodosić borrowed me his jersey. Therefore, I starred in the ad and none of my friends noticed it, even though I have been in the shot for several seconds.